Enhance Your Look and Save Time by Microblading Your Eyebrows

When it comes to the beauty industry; products, technology, techniques, and trends are constantly changing. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of people are always interested in looking their best, and as such they are seeking products or beauty treatments that can help them optimize their natural beauty. Microblading has recently become one of the hottest beauty trends when it comes to semi-permanent makeup. This technique allows both men and women to achieve fuller, perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows that can last upwards of an entire year. Essentially eliminating the need to apply powders or liners to the area every morning.

Microblading is Like a Tattoo, But Better

This method of semi-permanent makeup is a manual method of implanting pigmentation that replicates the fine hairs of natural looking eyebrows. Essentially a tattoo, this method can correct areas where hair will not grow and helps to provide facial symmetry. This method differs from traditional tattoos in that there is no machinery involved, and the pigmentation is applied closer to the surface of the skin. While some people may think that deeper is better or lasts longer, its actually more beneficial for microblading to target the surface as there is less of a chance for bleeding pigmentation or “blowouts”. Allowing your professional microblading specialist to keep those fine hair like strokes.

Get Perfect Eyebrows Everyday from a Microblading Expert

Microblading or eyebrow embroidery can last anywhere from one to three years, depending on the person and environmental factors like exposure to the sun. When you consider how much money you will save on makeup products, and the time you will save not needing to paint your eyebrows into place each day the benefits are far worth the price. As an added bonus you get to eliminate loads of frustration that come from making a mistake and needing to start over. If you are interested in learning more about microblading eyebrows in Beachwood, OH contact the beauty experts at Amanda May Beauty today.

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