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What Is Rubs Water Billing?

Municipalities, looking for an efficient way to bill their residents for their water usage, often need more than a basic meter reading service. A variety of options exists, including the rubs water billing method. It’s important for organizations to look at their city makeup and their overall goals to find the most efficient but accurate tool and method for monitoring your residents’ water usage. Take a closer look at how this method may work.

Is This the Right Option for Your Needs?

Ratio utility billing system, or rubs water billing, is one of the methods available to municipalities. In this particular method, the calculation of water usage is done based on the resident’s specific location including occupancy, the square footage of their space, the number of beds, or other factors that determine the number of people living in the location. Generally, this method is used for multi-tenant properties or apartment complexes, though it may apply to numerous other dwelling types as well.

Another key component of rubs water billing is that it allocates 100 percent of the utility bill for water usage at your property to those who live there. It bases this on an occupant factor or square footage of used space. Sometimes, a combination of occupants and square footage is used. It allows for a property owner to determine how much water is used by those living there. A portion of the water bill is predetermined to be the amount that is used by the owner of the property or through common areas. Then, the remainder of the bill is divided using the rubs method.

Generally, the rubs water billing method is very accurate. It is commonly used in shared dwellings and can offer enough flexibility to meet the needs of most property owners.

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