What Are Jumbo Stilettos?

There are several different kinds of knives, and are typically classified by their size as well as their shape. Further than that, they are classified by the type of metal they are made from. A typical knife is made from a high-carbon steel. This knife steel is very hard due to the carbon, and such hardness allows it to hold a very sharp edge for a long time. The steel needs to be springy enough that the knife does not become brittle. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, and only the best knives can strike that balance.


Stilettos are a type of knife for which the type of high heel has been named. Stilettos are long, straight knives with skinny blades. Typically a stiletto is sharpened all the way up one side of the blade, though some types of stilettos are sharpened partially down the other side as well. Stilettos are popular because they are easy to make spring-assisted, which means that pressing a button will make the knife flip outwards. Jumbo stilettos can be longer than a foot, but since they fold down, they don’t take up much space.


Many people like jumbo stilettos for their everyday knives since they so versatile. They’re slender enough to carry around with you. These knives can be used to clean fish because they’re so thin, but are long enough to dress a deer. They can be used as pocket knives since they’re slender, but the amount of blade also makes them great for whittling wood or other utilitarian purposes.

Hunters and outdoors types like stilettos because of that versatility. They’re also just attractive knives. They’re simple, low on design flourishes, and utilitarian. A stiletto is a no-nonsense type of blade. It is very easy to sharpen if you use a whetstone or if you have a sharpener. Other complex blade shapes can be very difficult to sharpen.

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