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Why Would You Choose Water Submetering Systems for Your Apartment Block or Homeowners Association?

Given the choice, most apartment block occupiers and homeowners associations would choose water submetering systems for the installation of individual water meters for each unit. This provides accurate information about the water usage of each unit and ensures that every occupier can be billed precisely for their own use and water wasted.

What Are the Benefits to The Association?

Without individual water submetering systems installed to each unit, the previous common practice would involve one bill arriving for the property management company. They would then share the bill among all the owners, applying each charge by assessing the square footage of each unit. This is entirely unfair as one unit with one person may use far less water than a large family, occupying a smaller unit.

For the Association, water submetering systems allow the management to be able to accurately monitor all the utilities being used and wasted within the establishment. They can analyze real-time energy consumption, which means they can make better decisions, that are carefully informed, to be able to plan to optimize energy performance now and in the future.

This ensures, because of accurate billing, that each occupier will safeguard against wasting water, because that will only increase their bill. Without these meters in place, there is no specific reason for any occupier to be worried about how much water they use or waste.

Easier Comparison of Water Used

The water utility provider, the water management services company and the property management, will all be able to analyze the actual usage of water which enables them to plan for future requirements. Specifically, they will be able to analyze high and low water use periods and identify when a leak suddenly appears to dramatically increase the consumption of water within one unit.

This decreases the annual maintenance bills because problems are seen at a much earlier stage and less damage will be caused to the multiuse building.

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