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What Do Your Menu Covers Say About Your Restaurant?

When people walk into your restaurant and sit down, they begin to immediately form an opinion. When the wait staff hands them your menu, your customers start to develop an impression of what to expect. The menu covers you choose will have an impact on the overall sense of what they will find inside.

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing the right style of menu covers for your restaurant. These simple elements of the menu are more than just for looks. They are also effective in protecting the pages of your menu. By investing in top quality and well-designed menu covers, you can use your menu for years, just changing out the necessary pages.

Size and Shape

When considering the size and shape of menu covers think about ease of use as well as the number of items you have on your menu. The more menu items you have the larger the menu page sizes will typically be. Most customers won’t page through multiple pages in the same category of foods, and this should be considered when choosing size and shape.

With a small menu, you can choose a smaller size and a unique shape. Or, if you want more of a simple design, you may want to have everything displayed on the inside of the menu for “order at a glance” type of approach.

Price and Materials

Every restaurant will have a budget for their menu covers, but this is not an area you should cut corners and go cheap. The lowest priced options often are not durable nor do they give a quality look.

For an upscale dining experience materials including leatherette material, cork looks or textured linen types of looks are very rich and luxurious. They have the feel of top quality and, when combined with a thicker cover, they are very solid and elegant in their presentation.
For a bistro, family restaurant, or casual dining experience you may want to choose a heat-sealed cover that allows you to feature photographs, artwork or images more suited to an upbeat and fun type of dining experienced.

You should also consider choosing menu covers to blend in with the colors and décor of the restaurant. Coordinating the covers with your check presenters and even your table stands is a nice touch to add to the overall look of your venue.

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