How to Avoid Home Plumbing Problems

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Plumbing

All of us face home plumbing problems after a certain period. This is mainly because we don’t give much of our attention to the little problems that result in bigger problems later on. In order to take care of our home plumbing system, we must be aware of the things that cause issues in the future.

Professional emergency plumbers can guide you to help you cope with your plumbing problems more efficiently. They ensure that their customers have complete level of satisfaction and comfort through their services; hence the experts always have a few tips to offer for a better functioning plumbing system.

Learning to prevent issues like leaks, clogged drains, and bursting pipes is not difficult. Both newer and older buildings and houses need to be monitored throughout the year to indicate potential issues. Older houses are more prone to potential emergencies. However, it is surprising that we often report new houses for such plumbing issues too. Therefore, whatever the age of your home may be; it is worthwhile to educate yourself about the plumbing problems of homeowners.

Leaking Toilet

It is the most of all plumbing problems. The parts that are inside the toilet cause leaks because of poor or no maintenance. If a leaking toilet is not fixed in time, then it can waste enough water to fill up a swimming pool. Most of the times, you only need to replace the flush valve. Check the flush valve and get it replaced if it has a leak. It is an easy task to replace this valve. However, if you don’t have an idea about how it is done; then emergency plumbers can help you in this regard.

Bathroom Drains

The drain often gets clogged with soap scum or hairs. Before calling a plumber, you can use an ordinary plunger to unclog your blocked drain. This will save you money if the problem is just with the clogging. You can even use commercial products that are used to unclog drains. Emergency plumbers even use a wet dry vacuum to suck out the mess from the drain. You can try that too if it doesn’t feel filthy to you.

Kitchen drains

Mostly, the kitchen drains get clogged with grease and food particles. You should keep a strainer to catch the food particles before they go down the drain in order to keep it open. A good preventative measure could be to pour boiling water in the kitchen sink once a week.

Main Water Valve

There is a main water valve that controls all the flow of water in and out of your house. It is essential for you to know where exactly this main valve is, in order to shut it off if an emergency occurs. Get help from emergency plumbers once you shut off the valve to avoid damage to the house.

You can smartly fix some of the problems in your house before they become bigger ones. And if it is difficult for you to control the situation, you can contact professional emergency plumbers at Apex Plumbing & Sewer Inc on 773-477-7714 and get the best of their emergency services in Lincoln Park. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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