How Different Veterinary Services Can Give an Animal a Healthier Life

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Animal Hospital

Most pet owners don’t just view their animals as possessions, they consider them part of the family. Much like a child, these animals rely on their owners for care on a twenty-four hour basis. This includes the administration of medical services when necessary. Some individuals may only take their pet to the veterinarian occasionally, but regularly scheduled visits are the best way to properly manage their health. Every vet office offers the basic health care procedures one would expect, but sometimes owners prefer Different veterinary services. Visiting a clinic like the Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing will introduce owners to such unique services as a comprehensive care plan.

A full-service pet care program begins with a wellness check. During these examinations the heart and lungs are listened to, physical abnormalities are looked for, and the animal’s general disposition is studied. At this time, any necessary lab work is conducted to ensure that nothing odd is happening internally. The doctor will then administer any vaccinations that are required by law, such as rabies and Lyme disease. To finish up the examination, medications that protect and prolong the life of the animal are prescribed. Examples of this include heart worm, tick, an intestinal parasite, and flea prevention pills.

The next step of the process is the presentation of in-depth nutritional, hygiene, and exercise programs. The staff will instruct owners on the best foods and quantities to give their pet. This not only keeps the animal at a healthy weight, their immune system stays at peak performance. Proper exercise is also scheduled so that the pet’s heart and joint conditions stay on track. On top of all this is concern over hygiene. Informing owners on the methods and frequency of bathing their pet clean gives them a routine to settle into. Pets that are kept clean generally live a parasite-free life. Finally, dental care is administered. Since owners rarely brush their pet’s teeth, this treatment helps protect the gums and thwart decay. These considerable Different veterinary services can make for a much happier life.

All of the information provided during these visits can seem overwhelming. To help owners remember specific figures and plan to follow, there is an online Pet Portal found at This resource answers any questions the owner may have and gives them an online database of their pet’s medical records. There’s no better way to manage an animal’s health than through these services.

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