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Using the Latest Software to Manage the Functions of Your Health Clinic

As more people rely on urgent care facilities as their primary care sources, clinics that offer these services find themselves tasked with handling more individual cases. These cases equate into more work like billing private pay patients or insurers as well as prioritizing healthcare services.

Rather than handle these complex tasks by hand, you can streamline them for your office staff by using the latest software designed just for healthcare facility management. Programs like urgent care EHR can make your clinic function faster and better for the growing influx of patients who come to you for services.

Remitting Billing

The remittance of billing to the rightful parties is one of the most critical functions that your urgent care EHR can handle. It can create invoices for patient records for your office management staff. It can also generate statements that your billing staff can send to insurers and patients who are billed separately.

The software can also keep track of what accounts are paid and what ones are still outstanding. It can earmark accounts that are eligible to be sold off to collections and those that are being reviewed for disputes of services and billing facts.

Managing Patient Files

The software can also organize and keep patient files so your healthcare providers know what services patients have received in the past. It can earmark urgent care cases and prioritize them over cases that are minor and do not need much if any follow-up care.

It can likewise organize patient records to identify what patients no longer get services from the clinic as well as those that have been referred to other practitioners. It spares your office staff from having to organize these files themselves.

Urgent care EHR software can organize your clinic’s functions. It can remit billing and manage patient files.

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