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Trinity Physiotherapy Can Help You Get Moving Again

Trinity Physiotherapy, Sport & Wellness has an office that is located across from the Brentwood Skytrain in Burnaby, British Columbia. The clinic occupies 4,000 square feet in a LEED-certified building. It has a gym, reception area, and several treatment rooms.

What does physiotherapy in Burnaby involve?
Physiotherapy describes a variety of treatments that help a person suffering from injury or disease regain and maintain their original level of function and mobility. A physiotherapist can help a person with conditions affecting different systems of the body such as the following:

• Cardiovascular – such as someone recovering from a heart attack
• Neurological – such as a patient with multiple sclerosis or recovering from a stroke
• Respiratory – such as a patient with asthma or cystic fibrosis
• Skeletomuscular – such as a patient with a backache or arthritis

In addition to helping a patient recover from disease or injury, a physiotherapist can teach them how to prevent a recurrence of their problem, and they can also help teach them better health habits.

What is kinesiology?
Kinesiology is the study of movement. A kinesiologist uses the latest research to tailor treatment plans to help people with mobility problems caused by injury or disease. They can also help people with chronic conditions like diabetes manage their conditions so they don’t get worse.

Kinesiology is particularly helpful for people who have been in vehicular accidents. During the patient’s first visit, the therapist will assess their condition and devise a treatment plan to help them regain full function and mobility. The patient will perform exercises designed to help them increase their strength, balance, and flexibility.

What is FST?
FST stands for “Fascial Stretching Therapy,” and it describes a treatment aimed at the fascia, which are connective tissues. Daily wear and tear can cause compression and tightness in the fascia, which in turn causes pain and a decreased range of motion. FST stretches and loosens the fascia, and it also relieves tension and increases the blood flow.

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