Understanding the Advantages of Post Frame Construction in Spokane Valley WA

Developed in the early part of the 20th century, Post Frame Construction in Spokane Valley WA continues to be one of the most popular ways to build a number of structures. While inspired by the idea of traditional wood framing, this approach offers a number of benefits to anyone who wants to build a barn, utility building, or even some type of open air structure. Here are a few things that interested parties should know about this approach to construction.


One of the more appealing qualities of Post Frame Construction in Spokane Valley WA is the stability that the approach gives to the structure. Using this strategy, rounded poles are sunk into the ground to create the framework for the structure. This helps to eliminate the need for many types of braces and provides the lateral stability required to ensure the structure remains viable. In some cases, the poles are sunk into holes that are then filled in and reinforced with concrete. This approach also allows for sinking the poles and then constructing a concrete foundation around the poles once they are in position.


The original process developed because of the need for larger agricultural structures without having to spend the money that more traditional building strategies would involve. Old utility poles were a favorite, owning to their strength and the fact that they were relatively inexpensive. Even today, choosing this method is often less expensive than opting for building procedures that call for the use of planks and similar sections of wood to create frames. Thanks to this method, it is possible to have the frame up in a shorter period of time, which also helps to save on labor costs.

Use for Residences and Other Types of Structures

While this form of framing was developed to aid in constructing buildings like barns and equipment storage areas, the approach can be used for a wide range of structures. Today, it is possible to construct a home using this form of framing. Even houses of worship and municipal buildings can be created with this approach.

For anyone who would like to know about post or pole framing, click here and look over the information provided. Talk with a contractor and see how this strategy could make an upcoming building project simpler and more affordable.

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