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U.S. Parking Garages and Parking Zones – The Battle for Investors

If you’re an investor who wants to dive into the world of parking, there are two paths that you can take. Both routes are practical, but only one is tactical.

The Main Contenders

The top contenders for investors are city parking zones and parking garages. While both parking locations are sound, only one can shine. Here are the pros and cons for parking garage investors and street parking zones.

Parking Garages – The Pros

Parking garages are very safe because they’re well-lit. In some cities, some garages will even have security systems and a security team.

Not only are parking garages safe, but they are also protected. Rain, snow, and other acts of nature can’t harm automobiles in a parking garage.

Parking Garages – The Cons

From an investor’s perspective, there are no cons. However, this is not the case for motorists. First, the spaces in a parking garage are not cheap, and second, the best spots are not always available. Also, it can be more difficult to find a space during peak hours.

Street Parking – The Pros and Cons

For street parking, the pros and cons are reversed. In terms of the pros, street parking is more affordable, it’s readily available, and it’s easy to access. However, there is less security in these zones, and there is no protection against the elements.

Dive into the World of Parking Garages with Parking Garage Investors

Parking investments require a keen eye, knowledge, and a high level of expertise. If you want to get started with parking garage investors, help is available. Just contact Parking Advisors, Inc.Parking Consultant

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