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Top Reasons Graduate Students Should Live Off-Campus While in School

As a graduate student, you know that you will have to find a great place to live while you are attending school. However, instead of staying on campus after you receive your bachelor’s degree, you should consider graduate student housing at Virginia Tech. There are plenty of benefits to doing so.

Focus On Your Studies

While living in a dormitory provides a great party atmosphere for undergraduates, when you move beyond that, you need a living environment where you can study and get work done. Being a graduate student is a whole new level and you need a place to live that supports that level of commitment.

Premium Amenities

Since you are a college graduate, you want to live like a proper adult, not a wild party animal. Such things as modern full-sized appliances, a private pool, dedicated parking spaces, and even game rooms where you can relax after your studies are done are included in the apartment complex.


Face it, many rules surround living on campus in a dormitory. Such things as a curfew and visitor restrictions might make sense to kids just starting their college years, but they are a no-go when it comes to graduate students. You’ll have all of the freedom that you desire when you live in graduate student housing at Virginia Tech.

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