Types of Boning For Corsets

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If you are looking to wear a steel boned corset, you might be wondering what kinds of materials are used to make the corset. There are several options that can be used in order to make a steel boned corset such as animal material, plant material, and metal material. Here is some more information that can help you to understand your steel boned corset.

Animal Bones

If you like a steel boned corset you might be interested to know that animal based boning was the first type of materials that were used in corsets. In addition, if they did use animal materials for the corset they would usually use the whalebone. The whalebone was very sturdy, but it would give you some of the flexibility that you need in order to move around and complete everyday tasks. Some other things that they used for corset boning included ivory and featherbone.

Plant Boning

The next type of boning material that they would use is plant based boning. This was not usually a successful type of boning because they could not find a method that was both flexible and gave you support. They tried cotton but it did not provide either support or shaping and wood strips were used and gave good support but it was very difficult to move around. The best option in plant based boning is Coraline, which comes from a Mexican plant and is both sturdy and flexible.

Metal Boning

There is also the option for some metal boning, which is what will be used in your steel boned corsets. Steel is what is usually used in a metal boning corset because it is really durable and can provide great support. The problem with it though is that you will not be able to move around much when there is steel in your corset. There have been some changed made in steel so that it can still be used in corsets such as spiral steel boning. Spiral steel boning is able to make a compromise and gives you the strength and flexibility that you need in your corset.

Other Materials

There are many other types of boning materials that are available. Some of these include steel boning, plastic boning, regilene boning, and fusion coated boning. Each of them have their positives and negatives; some are really strong but do not provide any flexibility and others are the exact opposite and provide great flexibility and no support. It is a good idea and very important to the idea of a corset to find a corset that can provide you with great support and still allows you the comfort and flexibility to move around and do your daily activities.

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