The Best Way to Make Alkaline Water

Many people are not aware of alkaline water and its benefits, may believe it to be a form of filtering water but it certainly is not. Alkaline water is the result of running tap water over a set of platinum plated plates, which charge the water into positive and negative ions. This water, alkaline if positively charged and acidic if negatively charged is delivered from two separate spigots, which are part of alkaline water systems.

Why drink ionized water?

Alkaline ionized water is one of the best things you can do for your health; the three primary contributors to illness are:


Overly acidic

Free radical cell damage

Dehydration: ionization breaks the water down so there are fewer clusters than there is in tap water. The cluster size drops from 12-15 to 4 to 6. The fewer clusters means the body is more efficient at absorbing the water, thus making it more hydrating.

Over acidic: Tap water, which has a pH of less than 7, is overly acidic. Ionized water can be delivered with a pH range up to 11 if wanted.

Oxidation: water which is high in antioxidants prevents damage of free-radicals. Ionized water has an ORP of -450, to give you an idea, tap water is +200, the lower the ORP the better.

How do water ionizers work?

Alkaline water systems are quite straightforward in the way they function. Water from your tap is fed directly into the ionizer; it then runs through the integral water filter which removes as many of the impurities as possible.

The water then flows over plates in the ionizer. The water has a very low current passed through it and it separates the minerals by attracting them to either the positive or negative pole, all depending on the electrical signal signature of the mineral. It is here where the water separates in streams of acidic water and alkaline water. During this process water molecules disassociate from one another forming one hydroxyl ion, which is alkaline and one hydrogen ion, which is acidic. The alkaline water is what is used for drinking, and the acidic water is ideal for cleaning.

The features of a water ionizer:

The primary benefit of ionized water is its antioxidant properties.  Equally as important as high pH is the fact that the resulting ionized water is rich in antioxidants. The reason is quite simple, as the water travels through the machine, the ionizer produces an antioxidant, and the acidic water is an oxidant. The alkaline water has a very low ORP, anywhere from -50 to -350. The higher the negative the better, all other waters are all positive, even distilled water is +200 with bottled water hitting the scales at +350.

Other features are a perfect pH of 9.5. Water with a pH of 9.5 is 300 times more alkaline than tap water and 10 times more alkaline than water which has had pH drops added.

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