Tungsten Carbide Price – Sale and Recycling

Tungsten carbide takes a number of forms and is utilized in automotive and industrial manufacturing applications. The material can be recycled and then reused to form different components and parts. Carbide scrap is in high demand for various applications. The potential use of tungsten scrap and its level of purity (level of tungsten within the material) determine tungsten carbide price.

Forms of Tungsten Carbide

As stated above there are different forms available from tungsten carbide and the form chosen will depend on the quality, quantity and intended application. After the meltdown process from scrap, the metal can be refashioned into standard sheets. Dry and wet tungsten carbide sludge can come in different levels of purity in terms of tungsten content. Stronger alloys can also be made from hard or soft tungsten carbide scrap.

Selling Tungsten Carbide Scrap

A broker can help with the sale of tungsten carbide scrap. Prior to consulting with a broker for the sale of scrap, you may need to provide information about the type, quality and quantity of your batch. After the broker reviews your sample, he will take your batch of tungsten carbide scrap and melt it down. The material will also be reused as needed. Payment for the tungsten carbide may follow within the following days or possibly longer. The tungsten carbide price connected with your submission should comply with industry standards at the time.

Recycling Tungsten Carbide

A series of procedures are required to treat tungsten carbide before it is reused to develop new parts for equipment or tools. After the batch is tested for purity (% of tungsten content), it is melted down in a forging procedure. The material can then be reused to make parts for other clients or sold to warehouses or manufacturing companies.

After melt down, tungsten carbide can be used to make tool steel which is utilized in the construction and manufacturing industries – for instance for fabrication and automotive manufacturing processes. A major use of tungsten is for application in production and manufacturing processes.

Prior to buying or selling tungsten carbide scrap, be sure to contact a quality provider of tungsten carbide with considerable experience in the industry.

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