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A Quick Guide To Tension Load Cell Troubleshooting

While there are many components to any type of weighing system, the tension load cell or any type of load cell, is going to be one of the most important to maintain and monitor. Different designs and options in load cells and the actual structure of the scale provide some protection, but damage can still occur.

Damaging Issues

There are many different factors that can damage or impact the performance of a load cell. The most common occur from dropping a load on the platform or the scale or attempting to weigh a load that exceeds the limit of the electronic weighing system.

The tension load cell can also be damaged by sudden electrical current spikes. This can occur through a lightning strike or a random surge in the power supply. These are more common in specific industries and environments than others. Vibrations can also lead to incorrect readings.

Another common cause of damage to load cells is exposure to chemicals or water. This may happen if the scale housing is damaged or if the scale is used in an unapproved environment for the specific design and model.

Quick Checks

If the tension load cell is no longer providing accurate readings or needs frequent calibration, the best option is to have a technician inspect the scale. Before doing this, there are some quick tests you can check.

Verify that dirt or debris is not impacting the operation of the scale. This could include if there are signs of moisture or chemical exposure. Additionally, check to make sure there is no damage to the scale components, including on the platform where corrosion or wear may have allowed dirt or water into the unit.

Make sure all electrical connections and all cables are correctly attached to the scale, the weigh scale indicator and any hardwired network components. Make sure all cables are in good condition and have not been cut or damaged by wear and tear. Finally, run a calibration using the system’s electronic calibration or a manual calibration once any issues are corrected to see if the load cell is now accurately providing data.

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