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Reaching Zero Consumption

When you think of green home design, you might think of using recycled materials or planting more trees and other plants so that there’s more oxygen in the air. While these are good ideas, you can consult with energy green builders to decrease the amount of energy that is consumed in your home. The first step in the process is to come up with a smart design. It’s all about the planning because you need to know what to use in your home to decrease energy consumption.

Energy green builders can use various online tools and models to determine how much energy might be used in the home in order to reach an estimated net zero use or as close to that number as possible. As the building process begins, you want to seal off as many areas of your home that lead to the exterior as possible. This will keep cold air from coming inside, which would mean using more energy to heat the home. It can also keep warm air out in the summer months. Choose the best insulation for your home so that the interior temperatures can be as balanced as possible.

One of the ways that energy consumption increases in many homes is by heating the water. Try to find natural sources to heat the water for your home or minimize the use of hot water. An option would be solar panels that are connected to the water heater. Solar panels can also be used for other electric sources in your home as well. They might not be able to power all of the lights and appliances if you’re using smaller panels, but they can assist with energy consumption if they are combined with other resources that aid in getting the consumption to the net zero level.

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