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Top Questions to Ask Painting Contractors in Lebanon, NH

Painting your home is something you want done well, and you want it done right now. Establishing clear expectations and specifications from the beginning provides a smooth and successful painting job experience for all parties involved.

Read our guide to find out the best questions to ask painting contractors in Lebanon, NH.

Do You Do Free Estimates?

When you initially call places like Home Partners, ask this question, so you know what to expect right away. Inquire about the scope of the estimate. To guarantee that you can compare all bids equally, ask each business to include the following information in their estimate: preparation work, amount of paint and primer to be used, and anything else you might need.

Instead of getting quotes over the phone, request in-home estimates. An in-home estimate helps the estimator gather more information about the project and anticipate any areas where further work, and thus additional expenses, may be required.

What Materials Do They Use?

You’ll be interested in knowing which paint brands painting contractors in Lebanon, NH carry and use. It’s critical to use thehighest-quality paint you can afford while painting. Choosing a high-quality brand will ensure that you won’t have to repaint your home within a year or two after purchase.

Discuss the different types of paint finishes with the contractor as well. Some finishes are more suited to particular areas in your house than others. A professional will be able to advise you on which finishes would work best in your kitchen vs. your master bedroom, for example, depending on your preferences.

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