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Considering the Best Time of Year for Cosmetic Dentistry in Parker, CO

Beauty and personal care columnists frequently recommend having cosmetic dentistry treatments completed during early spring. Services might include teeth whitening or porcelain veneer application. A general dentist in Parker, CO can perform cosmetic treatments after an exam confirms the patient is free of problems like tooth decay or gum disease.

Upcoming Social Events

When a dental patient has cosmetic treatment completed in March or April, this person is ready for important social events held in the months to follow. In this region, weddings, class reunions and family reunions most commonly are scheduled in May through September. Since this is when weddings are most frequent, wedding anniversary parties tend to be scheduled then as well. A person might want an improved smile for a graduation celebration.

An Improved Smile

A brighter, white smile rejuvenates the face and can make a person look years younger. This individual looks more attractive while attending the event, and also in photos posted on social media or printed to be framed.

Maintaining the Results

After a dentist in Parker, CO whitens a patient’s teeth, the effects last for about a year on average. If the person refrains from drinking a lot of coffee, red wine or other dark-colored beverages, the results last longer. Red wine and cola could be sipped with a straw to keep the liquid away from the teeth. Veneers can last for decades as long as the person doesn’t chew hard, crunchy foods with those teeth. For more information follow them on Facebook.

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