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Three Things to Avoid During a Move

No parent ever likes telling their kids they have to leave their friends and the school they know and everything that is familiar and move to a new city. There are some things you can do to make it easier and less stressful on everyone when you are considering your moving day options and looking at moving and storage in Thousand Oaks CA.

No Bribes

When the kids are fussing and complaining and making things unbearably difficult it is tempting to resort to bribes to get them to stop crying and whining and to get them to help. This is a bad idea though as bribes can fall through and then your kids will be mad about the move and that you did not uphold you side of the deal. There are better ways to work with kids during your move.

Talk to Them

After your kids get the news about the move make sure you talk to them about what it means for the family. Also, you must make sure the kids know they can talk to you honestly about their fears and concerns n that you will give them serious consideration and let them have their say. Kids often feel trapped during a move and when they feel powerless this can make them act out- so make sure you talk to them and let them talk to you as well.

Let Kids Help

Involve the kids in the process so that is does feel like a family decision and a family activity rather than something they are being forced to go along with. Let them pack up their belongings if they are old enough to do so and let them be involved in the designing of their new room when they unpack and move into the new home.  It will help give them an outlet to deal with their emotions and come to terms with what is happening.

It is never fun or easy to move with kids in tow but it can be done without all the drama and yelling and tears and problems. For more help with your upcoming plans head over to Ben Hur Moving and Storage and let them show you how they can help with moving and storage in Thousand Oaks CA.

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