What’s best; electric hand dryers or paper towels?

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Business

For years there has been an ongoing debate trying to determine what is the better way to offer hand drying facilities in public washrooms; are the best hand dryers electric or are paper towels the better solution? Perhaps when the debate first started there was little between the two, but, over the years the paper towel advocates have lost sight of the fact that the towels in use today are no different than the towels that were in use years ago; this is not the case with electric hand dryers, they have evolved, taking into account new technology. Newly developed high speed hand dryers do a better job at drying hands and they are more cost effective.

Anyone that owns or manages a public facility will provide washrooms for customers as well as staff members. If you own a restaurant or a gas station, any facility that has a lot of traffic going through it, you can be assured that over time you will see serious savings in operating costs, plus, you can reduce the amount of maintenance as your staff will not have to make several trips a day just to empty the trash containers.

Let’s look at the issue of hygiene:

As there are no consumables, it stands to reason that the best hand dryers are considerably less costly to operate. There is no way the paper towel industry can dispute this fact, as a result the arguments they put forward are based on hygiene. The paper towel industry are keen to suggest that their method of drying hands is more hygienic than holding hands under a stream of warm air.

The best hand dryers have been subjected to severe tests based on an a protocol established by an independent agency, these tests show that the best hand dryers are modern electric models that employ technology that kills bacteria on surfaces.

Without a doubt the best hand dryers are electric; they are far less expensive to operate, they are more hygienic, they are far more convenient and you don’t end up with used paper towels all over the floor.

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