Getting The Most Accurate LTL Quote

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

Shipping smaller volume loads that don’t fill an entire truck has always been a problem for companies. This lead to the development of the LTL (Less than Load) trucking services that specialize in shipping smaller lots, typically those weighing less than 20,000 pounds.

These LTL loads are often much smaller than this weight. Many companies just need a few pallets shipped, and they may need those pallets dropped at more than one customer. This often leads to challenges in getting an accurate LTL quote, but there are ways to structure the quote to increase accuracy.

Low Price Can Equal Low Quality

It is possible to get a very low LTL quote from a transport company. The problem is that these often indicates either a very inexperienced company or a company that is going to add a lot of additional costs.

For example, the quote will typically not include lift gate service unless you specify this will be required at the delivery points. A top LTL provider will ask if it is required, a less reputable company will not and simply adds on a fee at every drop point.

Additional issues can include charges for having to wait to deliver, having to deliver within specific hours or after hours, having to deliver to a residence rather than a business or even having to move the load more than a specific distance from the truck.

Use Professionals in Logistic Services

To avoid these issues and the differences in an LTL quote you may not understand or consider, use a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service. These companies negotiate directly with national and regional trucking companies for the best rates, the top levels of service at a price that is lower than what a company with a few pallets for an LTL shipment could manage.

These 3PL services also check all trucking companies, track loads and address any problems in shipping or delivery on behalf of your business. They are your shipping partner, allowing you to have peace of mind the delivery will be made on time every time.

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