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The Aftermath of Car Accidents in Hawaii Involving Commercial Vehicles

Some car accidents in Hawaii involve a collision with a commercial vehicle of some sort. Professional legal representation may be necessary if someone in the passenger vehicle was seriously injured and the driver of the commercial vehicle appears to have been at fault. The aspect of this being a business-owned vehicle and a driver employed by the business makes the situation significantly more complicated.

Types of Incidents

The circumstances can be even direr if the commercial vehicle was a large, heavy truck, since the severity of injuries in passenger vehicles colliding with these rigs tends to be much worse than average.

Another accident with more serious than average repercussions is when a delivery truck strikes a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian. Hiring a lawyer who handles cases involving car accidents in Hawaii may be necessary to make sure sufficient financial compensation is paid by the business or its insurer.

Taxicabs also may sometimes get into collisions, with law enforcement deciding that the cab driver was at fault. The driver may have tried to rush through traffic in an effort to help a passenger get to the airport on time, for instance.

Extenuating Circumstances

In some instances, the business or the insurer may dispute the claim because of extenuating circumstances. They have found an explanation to why this professional driver would have been the cause of an accident. Perhaps volcanic fog was disrupting visibility that day, for example.

Maybe the driver swerved to avoid a large pothole or hit that hole, causing the loss of control of the vehicle. The insurer now believes the city should be at fault for not making necessary street repairs. Dozens of people file claims against the city each year for this reason, since potholes in Honolulu have become a big problem.

Legal Representation

Trying to navigate the legal terrain after a serious accident caused by a commercial driver whose company is disputing the claim can be extremely difficult. A lawyer with an organization such as Yoshida & Associates can take over for the injured person, conducting an investigation into the incident and determining the amount of financial compensation that should be paid. From there, negotiations can begin.

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