Occasions That Call for the Gift of Fine Meats, Jams, and Other Treats

Gift shopping can take time and energy you prefer not to spend. After all, who wants to spend hours in the mall or big box store looking for the perfect present to give? You might not even know what to choose for the people on your gift-giving list.

Rather than give them a generic present like a gift card or cash, you can surprise them with a gift box full of gourmet meats, jellies, and other treats. The gift of mayhaw jelly from Macon, GA, can surprise someone who is least expecting to receive savory and unique foods from the Deep South.

Rare Treats

People who live in states like Maine and Vermont probably have never heard of let alone sampled mayhaw jelly from Macon, GA. In fact, mayhaw fruit typically only grows in the South in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. People who have spent their entire lives in the North may never have the chance to try mayhaw jam unless they receive it in a gift box on Christmas or other occasions.

When you want to surprise someone like this with a unique gourmet treat, you can include this flavor of jam in his or her present. The jam is ideal to spread on toast or eat with smoked meats like pork and chicken.

Affordable Present

Because the fruit is plentiful in the Deep South, it often comes at a more affordable price than jams made out of seasonal fruit like blueberries or blackberries. Mayhaws grow all throughout the summer. Many farmers even give away the fruit for free to neighbors and friends.

Mayhaw jam can be a low-cost gift for people on your list this year. You avoid spending too much money on presents made out of rare and luxury ingredients.

Mayhaw jelly can be the ideal gift to give this year. It also can be a more affordable present when you are shopping on a budget.

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