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Should You Look for a Louisville Warehouse with Temperature Controlled Units?

At some point in time, most of us will eventually have extra items that we need to put into storage. Renting out space in a warehouse is an easy solution to this problem, but if you plan on keeping your possessions in storage for a long time, you need to consider how these items are going to hold up over time. While Louisville doesn’t necessarily experience very extreme weather throughout the year, there is still enough fluctuation in temperature for items stored in outdoor areas to be affected. Read on to decide whether or not you need to look for a Louisville warehouse Louisville warehouse with temperature control.

Consider Humidity

One of the biggest factors in how well your possessions will stand up over the course of time is humidity. If the humidity in the storage area is consistently high, virtually all of your items can be damaged. Pictures and pages in photo albums can stick together, wooden furniture can warp and discolor, and leather goods can crack. The moisture in humidity can also present a problem for artwork and electronics. To prevent this from happening, you will need a Louisville warehouse storage area that is not only air conditioned, but has a dehumidifier specifically for this purpose.

Extreme Temperatures

Both extreme heat and extreme cold can be terrible for items in storage. This is especially important in the South and the West where daytime temperatures can soar to over a hundred degrees. On the other hand, however, subzero temperatures in the Northern states aren’t great for valuables either. Cracking, yellowing, and breaking can occur if the unit is not kept at a constant temperature. Although Kentucky doesn’t really fall into any of these regions of the country, you should still think about the temperature carefully before picking a unit. Louisville warehouse storage may be the right option.

When It’s Not Worth It

If you’re not storing items of great value or meaning to you, it’s probably okay to go with a traditional storage unit. However, climate controlled units are valuable if your items will be affected negatively by temperature or humidity.

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