Construction and Maintenance

Safe Use Of Wagon Drills

Having a way to use power drilling in tight spaces has always been a problem. Traditional types of hydraulic drills mounted on a skid steer, excavator or other types of equipment need a considerable amount of space both to maneuver the equipment and position the drill as well as to actually complete the drilling process.

To get around this issue, wagon drills offer the perfect solution. These are small, mobile and highly maneuverable frames that are equipped with hydraulic drills. These wagons can be positioned where needed, even on mountains and uneven ground for drilling. They are ideal for effectively and quickly drill through rock or mixtures of soil and rock conditions.

Some, but not all of the wagon drill designs may allow for the drill component to detach with ease. This allows for the actual drill without the wagon to be moved by helicopter into areas where a truck towing the wagon simply could not travel.

Safe Use

The top designs in wagon drills have built-in safety features that protect operators even in very challenging drilling conditions. However, there are still several important safety measures that need to be consistently utilized by drill operators as well as bystanders or observers.

It is always critical to ensure that everyone in the vicinity of the drill, when it is in use, is wearing full protective gear. This means hard hats and protective eyewear. Some of these drills may be equipped with electric remote operational controls, but even in these situations, protective gear is necessary.

Always ensure the drill is correctly anchored and that all checks of the equipment are completed before each use. Never operate wagon drills if the drifter or the system is damaged or if there are leaks or signs of problems with the system.

Taking the time to inspect the drill before use and completing routine maintenance on the system will not only extend the life of the drill but also provide safer operation.

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