How Engineering Design Analysis Supports the Product Lifecycle

Many companies today make their living by developing, producing, and selling products. Research and development can involve extensive product design engineering, but that is just the beginning. Once a product is successfully brought to market, it experiences periods of growth until it finally matures and declines. Design analysis from professional engineering consulting services is meant to support the entire product lifecycle. Here are some of the services this support should include.

Concept Engineering

It can be difficult to translate the most important customer needs into the product design process. That is where Engineering Science Analysis Corp. can be a big help with a problem, cost, and time analysis as well as technical writing.

Product Design

A design engineering firm can be extremely helpful with improving an existing product design. This can include assistance with solid modeling, testing, and drawing packages. Virtual environment testing and prototyping is also an important part of product design.

Design Validation

A trusted and experienced premier engineering solutions provider can help with the entire validation process, including:

  • Mechanical analysis

  • Fast fracture

  • Reliability

  • Life prediction

These are only a few of the important validation services you should be considering. With the help of advanced analytical software products, businesses enjoy the benefits of structural, acoustic, thermal, and CFD analysis.

Commercial Implementation and Support

Many engineering consulting services are finished when it’s time to take your products to market but this where the best services are just getting started. Choose a company that will be there for you during the manufacturing process. Their help in this stage may include licensing agreements, strategic and long-range planning, and distribution channels. They can help you test for product failures and provide reverse engineering services when needed. The solutions that design consultants offer are so varied, it’s important to talk to them about your needs, whether you have new product plans or would like to improve existing products.

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