Rules and Etiquette Tips for Your First Round of Golf

You have recently gotten into golfing and even made reservations for the Wellington golf courses at Palm Beach National for the weekend. However, since you haven’t played golf with the big dogs yet, you aren’t quite up on your rules and etiquette. Don’t worry. They are listed below for you to get to know and use in your first round of golf.

Keep Your Tee Time

When you make your tee time at the Wellington golf courses, make sure that you can keep that tee time. For example, if you book your tee time for 10:15 pm, then you should make every effort to get to that tee time at 10:15 pm, not 10:30. Remember, there are other people that will be wanting to use that course and they have booked a tee time as well. Don’t be rude, show up late and make them wait. It’s not good golfing etiquette at all.

Keep Up the Pace

Another bone of contention at many golf courses is having to wait behind other golfers to take their turn. You don’t want to set to slow of a pace, as golfers will be lining up behind you. After all, you don’t want to wait in line behind slow golfers, do you? Nope, well neither do they. You can prevent slow pacing by always being prepared when it comes your turn to hit. Have your golf club ready and be ready to swing. That will keep up the pace and not upset the other golfers that are waiting behind you.

These are just a few of the rules and etiquette that you should take into your first round of golf. For more information on the Wellington golf courses and proper golfing etiquette, contact the professionals at Palm Beach National for help and answers to your questions.

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