Patching A Cracked Pipe And Additional Repairs Made By An Emergency Plumber In Mclean

If a water pipe has a crack in it and water is dripping onto a bathroom floor, a homeowner can temporarily repair the plumbing by completing the following project. As a result, water can be used as needed until an emergency plumber in Mclean can be hired to replaced the damaged pipe.


* mop

* portable heater

* towels

* waterproof putty

* disposable gloves

* roll of plumbing tape

* bowl of water

* scissors

Drying Out Flooring And Applying Putty

Water needs to be turned off at the main valve. A standard mop can be used to clean water that has dripped onto a bathroom floor. If parts of a floor are saturated, setting up a portable heater near them will speed up the drying process and prevent the floor pieces from rotting or being exposed to mildew. A small amount of waterproof putty can be molded until it is soft and pliable. With glove-covered hands putty needs to be pressed agains the surface of a damaged pipe. Putty will require a couple hours of drying time.

Wrapping A Pipe With Plumbing Tape

A roll of plumbing tape needs to be submerged in water for a few minutes so that it is activated. Several layers of tape can be secured over hardened putty to provide an additional layer of protection. Plumbing tape needs to dry thoroughly before water is turned back on in a home. When water is on, a homeowner can inspect the plumbing that they repaired to make sure that it is no longer leaking. As long as water is not dripping onto flooring in a home, a repair was made the proper way.

If a pipe is still leaking after it is patched, an emergency plumber in Mclean should be hired right away. Licensed plumbers who work for All Plumbing Inc. or a similar business will be able to locate the cause of a leak and will remove damaged sections of plumbing. Afterwards, a replacement pipe will be installed so that plumbing can be used right after a service appointment. Plumbing problems of all sizes will be addressed by a plumber and repairs can be made inside of a commercial or residential setting.

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