Seniors Appreciate Companion Services

Many senior citizens want to remain in their own homes as long as they possibly can. An elderly person feels secure and comfortable in the home he or she may have lived in for many years. Even when a spouse has passed away, the survivor will often choose to remain at home, in the familiar environment, despite having to live alone. With age comes certain challenges, however, and that’s where helpful senior companion services come in. Even a small amount of help around the house or some time spent with a caring person can make a big difference.

Lending Support

Family members are not always able to drop by an elderly parent’s home to help with meal preparation, for example, or home projects. Daughters and sons have families of their own and their lives are often very busy. Representatives with senior companion services can fill the gap by helping with ordinary daily needs. They can assist with gardening chores, with errands and shopping, or sit down with the senior to watch a little TV, play checkers or help with scrapbooking.

Providing More Specialized Care

Among the individuals who provide home care are nurses, nurse’s assistants or home health aides. These are licensed or certified professionals who can help with managing the senior’s medications and assist with medical devices. When Medicare runs out, skilled nursing care can be provided. Guidance and support to family members can also be provided in addition to a continuing flow of information so that everyone is kept up to date on the senior’s status, whatever that involves.

Going the Distance

Quality of life is the important consideration when an elderly person needs senior companion services. A move sometimes becomes medically necessary, and the caregiver can assist with making the appropriate arrangements. Many times, however, a caring, non-medical companion is able to bring friendship and personal assistance to someone who simply needs a little help to remain at home. Call Capital City Nurses at any time with questions on 1-866-807-7307 or visit our website. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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