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Need Pipeline Construction Crews? 4 Signs of a Bad Hire

Pipelines provide a safe way to transport natural gas, oil and other commodities across the country. But pipeline spills, exposure, and even failure mean safety risks, the National Energy Board warns.

That’s why compliance with safety rules and guidelines during construction is a must. Careful selection of your Pipeline construction contractors in Alberta will play a huge role in that. If you want to get the right team for your project, here are signs to watch out for.

Little to no information

Gather as much information as you can about the company before you even consider engaging their services. If you don’t find a lot of information, the company may be new to the field. They may not have the experience you need. Look elsewhere.

Zero experience

It’s not enough to hire a construction crew for pipelines. You’ll need to find contractors that have significant experience in Pipeline construction in Alberta. If you hire a team with zero experience, their lack of knowledge and insight into Canadian pipelines could compromise the results of your project.

Outdated equipment

Modern equipment, tools, and machines make the work a lot easier to handle. A team that has these resources at their disposal provide efficient and fast construction services. If the company still relies on equipment or tools from ten years ago or older, that’s not a good sign. Outdated equipment could be slowing down your progress. Speed up your timelines and improve your project schedule by hiring construction crews with the right equipment and tools to handle the work.

Poor communication

Communication matters. That’s why companies like Platinum Pipefitting Inc. are a go-to option for many clients. With the firm’s Platinum ProjectInsight System, you can track and monitor the work with ease and convenience. You won’t have to be onsite all the time to get on-time updates. You can log into the program, check up on issues, and stay on track of your project.

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