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Your Lawn Needs Care All Year Long

No matter what season it is, your lawn needs constant care and nutrients to keep it healthy. It doesn’t matter if it falls, winter, and outside of your normal growing season, you need to keep the soil packed with nutrients so that when spring arrives your lawn is ready to give you a lush, healthy and green view to gaze upon.

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

By far the best solution to ensuring the care of your lawn is to hire a company that deals with weed control and fertilization in Oklahoma City. Experts that employ a multi-step system that is administered over the course of a year are the professionals you want to hire. They will work diligently to make sure your lawn is healthy at all times. By utilizing techniques such as pre-emergent care, balanced time-released fertilizer, and slow-released granular fertilizer, you will never have to worry about your lawn looking green and beautiful. You will have a lawn you can be proud of!

Growing Like A Weed Isn’t Just A Catchphrase

Weeds take root fast and then grow to a point where they are out of control. The way weeds work is they move into your lawn via things like animal transmission or just blowing through the air before taking root. They then proceed to begin to take over by sucking up all the nutrients, water and light in a surrounding area. They are greedy and will take all the surrounding natural resources for themselves, leaving nothing for your grass to feed on. This of course leads to your lawn dying out and being starved. Get your lawn the treatment it needs today to stop the infection before it starts. Visit Elite Lawn Care today and set an appointment for an estimate!

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