Most Common Car Accident Injuries

It goes without saying that a car accident can cause you a lot of damage, both to your car, and to yourself. There is a myriad of different ways a car accident can hurt you, so one would advise you first to practice proper road safety. But considering that won’t save you from someone else ramming into you at top speed, it would help to know what you’re in for in the aftermath. With that said, if you are looking for car accident treatment in Toronto ON, here are the top injuries you’re most likely to have.

#1. Brain damage

A thing to remember about your car is that no part of your body, inside or outside, is safe. Your head in particular is in a lot of danger from not only the windshield, which can break and send shards into your eyes, but also the dashboard, which a sudden stop can send your face right into. This can rattle your brain in a way that it should never, ever, be rattled. The brain is a soft, incredibly fragile organ, so any damage, no matter how miniscule, can potentially change your entire life if you don’t have it treated in time.

#2. Neck and back injuries

Staying on the topic of the head jerking around in the event of a car accident, there’s the neck and back. When the head lurches forward rapidly, so too does the neck. And if the neck jerks in one direction unexpectedly, especially if it was moving the opposite direction when it happened, you can potentially break your neck. Best case scenario, you’ll strain your neck severely and will need to see a doctor immediately. If you’re older, such a rapid motion can throw your back out, which results in its own set of problems.

#3. Torso and leg injuries

Definitely the most at risk are your torso and lower waist/legs. If you’re in a head on collision, there’s a chance that the car you’re in may collapse from the front end from the force of the collision. If this happens, your legs and possibly your chest are in serious trouble. At best they’ll be broken for a few months. At worst, you have just lost your legs. Either way, you won’t be leaving the hospital for a while. Luckily, with safety technology for cars improving by the year, this is less likely to happen.

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