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Facts To Know About Quartz Countertops For Minneapolis Homes

When most people in Minneapolis think of natural stone countertops, they immediately think of granite and marble. Two beautiful options to consider, they are formed from slabs of the natural stone that is quarried from different areas of the world.

Another option to consider, and one that offers a great range of colors, patterns and designs are quartz countertops. While they are not a slab stone and do contain about 5% resin, they are 95% quartz, which is the most second common mineral found on earth. As such, quartz is mined in many different locations, each with unique colors that can be used to create a range of countertop designs and options.

To help people to understand the basics of installing quartz countertops in any Minneapolis new home construction or older home renovation, here are some important facts to consider:

  • Environmentally friendly – for an environmentally friendly option to the natural stone quarrying process, quartz is a recovered material that is waste from other quartz processing.
  • Color options – the resin in the countertop pattern combined with the quartz stone options allows for a far greater color range. You can find lime green quartz called Apple Martini or perhaps choose a bright Red Shimmer that will certainly add a pop of color. There are also granite and marble look-alike colors and patterns as well as everything in between.
  • Quartz doesn’t require sealant – with the resin material combined with the quartz, the countertop is naturally sealed. There is no need to add sealant and the quartz countertops are known to be incredibly durable and resistant to any type of damage.
  • Superior hygiene – with the non-porous nature of the countertop combined with the ability to create a countertop without any breaks in the surface, this is a very hygienic option.

Choosing quartz for a custom home or a renovation is a very smart choice. While not a true natural stone product, it offers the look of natural stone with the benefits only offered through quartz.

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