Monument Customization with Sand Blasting in Connecticut

When having a monument made, having it customized allows you to put a personal message or image on the surface. With Sand Blasting in Connecticut, you can create virtually any text or images you desire. Some of the most popular customizations that are available are highlighted here.

Shape Carving

The design’s outline is sandblasted and then the interior will be shaped with the sandblaster to create a unique, three-dimensional look. The shape of the carved designs created by Sand Blasting in Connecticut is typically used for flowers, leaves and roses. There are also a number of other uses for this method, including the creation of praying hands.

Flat Carving

This method utilizes placing a custom design on a rubber mask and cutting out the outlines and lines of the design, then sandblasting the surface that is exposed. These types of sandblasted designs are some of the most basic available.

Statues or Sculptures

Granite statues and sculptures typically consist of an image that is created with various granite carving tools, including the sandblaster. The quality that is achieved will be mainly dependent on the skill of the person sculpting it.


Etching is a process that utilizes a tool with a diamond tip that will etch or draw text or images onto a polished monument. The etching will look its best when completed on a black, polished granite monument, since this will provide the greatest level of contract. Now, etchings can also be completed in color, adding additional customization to the monument you are having created.

It is a good idea to leave these custom designs to the professionals. From sandblasting to etching, the tools can be difficult and time-consuming to learn to use for the small details that are seen on most monuments. To find out more about the customization options that are available, you can contact Shelley Brothers Monuments. Here you will find a team of professional and experienced workers who can easily sandblast, etch or otherwise design a customer monument based on your specifications. Be sure to hire the best, to achieve the look and design you really want.

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