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Mistakes to Avoid With Drainage and Plumbing in South Hills PA

A blocked drain can happen anywhere in the house, from an exterior drain to the laundry room, and the signs are usually obvious. Toilets may make gurgling sounds, sinks may drain slowly, and outside drains might overflow. It’s important to heed the signs of a drainage issue, as the resulting flood can damage property and present health risks. Where plumbing issues are concerned, it’s usually best to call in the pros. Below, readers will find out which mistakes to avoid with their home Plumbing in South Hills PA.

Allowing the Drains to Become Clogged

One of the first drainage mistakes is letting the drains become blocked to begin with. In the kitchen, there are many things that should never go down the drain, such as coffee grounds, egg shells, and grease. In the bathroom, feminine hygiene items and paper towels should never go down the toilet. A blocked drain may cause health issues and nasty odors, and preventive measures are the best way to keep them from happening.

Overuse of Dangerous Chemicals

When homeowners need drain-cleaning solutions, there are numerous chemical products on the market. However, most of these options won’t help at all, and they won’t remove the clog. If a cleaner isn’t strong enough to dissolve the blockage, it may damage metallic pipes as it sits in them. Furthermore, it may harm the environment and anyone who works on the plumbing in the future. When there’s a problem clog, just call a plumber.

Putting Things Down the Drain

Unclogging a drain is a tricky thing. While it might seem like a common-sense concept to some, sticking a coat hanger down the drain won’t resolve the issue because the blockage is likely too far down the line. If a plunger won’t work, neither will that long, thin object. It will probably damage the drainpipe, bringing about an expensive plumbing fix.

Not Calling a Professional

Not only is unclogging a drain messy, it’s crucial. Without free drainage, a home may suffer severe water damage that’s unsanitary and costly to repair. Professional plumbers have the skills to assess drainage issues and they have the tools to resolve them with minimal effort. Visit to learn more or call today to schedule service on Plumbing in South Hills PA. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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