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Steps For Obtaining Social Security Benefits In Temecula, CA

In California, disabled claimants receive Social Security Disability benefits through the federal government and an additional check from the state. The benefits help disabled individuals support themselves financially due to an inability to work. A local attorney could explain the steps for obtaining Social Security Benefits in Temecula CA to the claimants.

Filing the Original Application

The claimant must file an application through the Social Security Administration office within their district. The application must include explicit details about the claimant’s condition. Details about the doctor that has provided treatment must be included in the claim. Contact information if it is available should also be added to the claim.

The Response from the SSA

The Social Security Administration provides an answer to the claimant’s application after all information is evaluated. The claimant must attend doctor’s appointments set up by the SSA, and the doctors report their findings to the agency. The SSA’s response is sent via mail to the claimant. They are either approved or denied. If the claimant is approved, the letter will present them with the exact value of backpay they will receive and the value of their monthly benefits. If they are denied, the SSA must provide an exact reason.

Should the Claimant Appeal?

The appeal process could increase the chances of an approval, but it doesn’t guarantee that the claimant will receive benefits. Currently, the approval rate for claimants who appeal is 64%.

Starting a Legal Claim

Claimants file a legal claim through an attorney to acquire Social Security Disability benefits. With the assistance of an attorney, the claimant could present a claimant that is conclusive and contains vital details that the claimant didn’t know were needed. The attorney prepares the case to show why the claimant cannot work and support themselves financially.

In California, disabled claimants receive SSI or SSDI after they are approved by the SSA. The claimants must file an application to get their case started and wait for an answer from the federal agency. If they are denied benefits, the claimant has the option to file for an appeal or submit a legal claim through the court. Claimants who need more answers about Social Security Benefits in Temecula CA are encouraged to contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can connect us at Linkedin.

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