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Details About Neuropathy Treatment In Bolingbrook, IL

In Illinois, diabetic patients are more likely to develop nerve damage in their hands, feet, and ankles. The nerve damage could prevent the patient from discovering an infection until it’s at a later stage. The conditions could lead to amputation in more severe cases. A local podiatrist offers Neuropathy Treatment in Bolingbrook IL for all diabetic patients who are experiencing symptoms.

What Kind of Tests are Performed?

The clinician starts with blood tests and imaging tests to assess nerve damage. Nerve function tests and a biopsy could be performed to determine if the patient has retained their reflexes and respond to stimuli. Biopsies are used to remove nerve endings that could be causing difficulties for the patient. Complete physical examinations are also performed to determine the exact location of the patient’s pain.

What Types of Treatments are Used?

The clinician starts their course of treatment by providing pain relievers. Typically, the treatment starts with some over the counter medications and progress to prescription medications as needed. Select clinicians may also provide anti-seizure medications that relieve nerve pain and discomfort. Next, topical treatments such as capsaicin creams are offered to reduce common symptoms of the condition. Antidepressants are also used to increase serotonin levels and achieve pain relief naturally.

Does the Clinician Offer Any Form of Therapy?

Yes, the clinicians utilize transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to treat nerve pain and ease discomfort. Next, plasma exchange and IV immune globulin treatments are used to suppress the immune system and decrease the potential for inflammation. Physical therapy is also provided for the patient to strengthen the feet and ankles. Surgery is always a last resort, but it is used in more severe cases of peripheral neuropathy. Surgeries are performed if tumors are discovered in the ankles or feet as well.

In Illinois, diabetic patients develop peripheral neuropathy when nerve damage occurs. The condition prevents the patients from feeling their feet and/or injuries. As it progresses, the patient may lose all sensation in their limbs and could face a loss of limb in the future. Patients who want to learn more about Neuropathy Treatment in Bolingbrook IL are encouraged to contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates right now.

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