Maintaining a Hand Dryer like a Professional

Purchasing a hand dryer for a bathroom can help add elegance to your bathroom and increase the level of hygiene in your house. However, you need to take good care of it so as to get utmost utility from it. Note that the functionalism of the dryer is dependent on the status of the inner components.

Here are some gold worthy tips on how to maintain a hand dryer like a professional.

Replace Washer Hose

Virtually all hand dryers in the market have a washer hose that is made from high-quality rubber material. The downside of this type of hose is that it can easily catch fire if lint happens to accumulate on the inner compartments of the dryer. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to replace this kind of washer with the modern steel-jacketed ones that can withstand pressure without bursting open.

Replace the Vinyl Duct

Just like rubber, vinyl material is highly flammable when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods. If you are looking for a hand dryer for a bathroom, make sure that the one you purchase has a metallic duct. On the other hand, if the existing dryer has a vinyl duct, hire a professional to replace it with a metallic one. Make sure that the duct is purchased from an accredited store to get value for your money.

Regular Lint Trap Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, accumulation of lint inside the dryer can lead to a fire outbreak. One of the most guaranteed ways of avoiding such an occurrence is by seeking a regular lint trap cleaning services. Some of the factors that you should consider when looking for this service provider include reputation, legal accreditation, and experience. Note that cleaning will not prevent the lint from accumulating, so you need to have it checked regularly by an expert.

Duct Cleaning

Overtime, debris accumulates around the vinyl ducts thereby reducing the overall efficiency and durability of the hand dryer. Hence, you should clean the ducts after every six months, but this is dependent on the number of times that the dryer is used. For instance, dryers that are installed in public toilets should have their ducts cleaned every three months.

Use the above tips to keep your hand dryer upbeat and save money on unnecessary repairs and maintenance.

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