How to Know When to Replace a Kapton Heating Element

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Business

Kapton is a type of polymer that is widely used in various industries due to its high temperature resistance and ability to maintain dimensional stability even in extreme heat conditions. Kapton heating elements are commonly used in various applications like medical equipment, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Over time, these elements can wear and tear and reduce performance, leading to potential safety hazards. In this blog post, you’ll learn some signs to look out for when you need to replace your Kapton heating element.

Change in Performance

The primary indication that your Kapton heating element needs replacement is a change in performance. You may notice that your equipment takes longer to heat up, or the temperature output is less than what you have set despite the same voltage input.

This decrease in performance is typically an indication that the heating element has deteriorated due to wear and tear. Its resistivity may have changed over time, leading to a decrease in its ability to convert electrical energy into heat energy.

Damage to the Element

Another obvious sign that the heating element needs replacement is visible damage to the element. Over time, the element can suffer from corrosion, or there might be cracks, breaks, or melting spots on it that will hinder its performance. Also, in some instances, foreign objects might have come into contact with the element, causing it to fail.

If your heating element’s physical integrity is at stake, you should immediately replace it to prevent any safety hazards.

Smell or Smoke

A burning smell or smoke from the Kapton heater element is another conspicuous sign that replacement is necessary. These types of safety hazards can be dangerous and pose a fire risk.

You should immediately turn off the equipment and disconnect the element at the first sight of smoke. Doing so will prevent further damage to the equipment, as well as prevent potential injuries or fires, which can arise from a malfunctioning or failing heating element.

Temperature Sensor Issues

If your equipment has a temperature sensor and you find that the readings are erratic or do not correspond to your heating element’s intended temperature, you might need to replace it. The temperature sensor’s readings depend on its proximity to the heating element.

If the heating element’s performance has declined over time, this will also affect the sensor’s ability to measure temperature accurately. Replacing the heating element will help restore the equipment’s expected output and keep the temperature sensor working correctly.

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