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How Garage Door Installation Services in Clearwater FL Can Benefit You

When it comes to enhancing their home’s appearance homeowners often overlook the one obvious feature of their home -; the garage door. You might have the most beautiful home on the block, but if the garage door door is in state of disrepair or just plain ugly, it detracts from the homes overall appearance. The garage door is also the largest piece of equipment in a home.

The most commonly chosen types of Garage Door Installation Services in Clearwater, FL for homes include:

1. Rolling -; Once used primarily for commercial buildings, a rolling style door, or coiling steel doors, are finding their way into residential garages. Rolling doors are made of 26-gauge steel roll which is rolled up around a drum. The track ensures that the steel door is held securely in place, and the springs act as a counterbalance against the weight of the rolled-door. This design allows for the use of the space overhead that is typically blocked off by other door styles.

2. Sectional -; Sectional door types are ideal for those settings where space is limited outside of the garage. As the name implies, sectional doors are divided into sections, or panels, that fold overhead such that vehicles can park close to the garage door. Similar to rolling doors, sectional doors also use tracks and springs. Sectional doors can be customized by combining materials such as wood, steel, copper, or vinyl to complement the home.

3. Monolithic -; Monolithic or one piece doors are the least expensive garage door type and are a good choice when one’s budget is tight. One piece garage doors sometimes called swing doors, are available as canopy and retractable styles. Canopy swing doors need more headroom as the door swings up and out and then slides back inside the garage. A small section of the door extends outside the garage door frame hence the name “canopy”. A retractable door slides completely inside the garage and hangs from the ceiling of the garage. Both of these styles can be viewed online at

Just as important as the style garage door one chooses, is the company chosen to provide the Garage Door Installation Services in Clearwater, FL. Well-trained and experienced garage door installers that also service and maintain the garage door are vital to the proper operation of the garage door. An improperly installed garage door is not only an inconvenience, it is also a safety hazard.

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