The Many Advantages of Using An Elastomeric Coating On A Roof

If you have a concrete, asphalt, metal, or any type of flat roof on your business or home, then you are going to be meeting problems unique to those types of roofs over the long haul. On the positive side, using white elastomeric coating will help with many of these and will prolong the life of your roof and lower your energy bills. Here’s why.

Many benefits

White elastomeric coating adds a solid, seamless seal to a flat roof, and it doesn’t add too much weight to the structure. This keeps out the moisture that can do severe damage to the interior of your building. Furthermore, elastomeric coating bends but does not crack no matter how much the elements put stress on the building itself. On flat roofs, the elastomeric coating can add up to a quarter-century to the life of the roof.

Especially in warm climates, metal and other flat roofs absorb the warmth of the sun and heat up fast. This means that you must run the air conditioner more to keep your building at a comfortable temperature. Elastomeric coating, however, acts as a mirror and reflects the rays of the sun, and this means that your building stays cooler when you want it to. When you have your roof covered with an elastomeric coating by a trained professional, you are making an investment in your property for the long term.

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