Home Painters in Gig Harbor WA Offer Tips for Choosing Colors for the Kitchen

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Painting Services

There is no question that a fresh coat of paint can really renew an old or dull looking kitchen. However, picking the very best colors for a kitchen can be a big decision and become overwhelming with all the choices that are available. If a homeowner is planning a remodel for their kitchen, or simply want to give it a facelift with a coat of paint, use the tips here for help. In most cases, professional Home Painters in Gig Harbor WA can help with color selection, as well.

How to Choose the Right Color

The favorite colors for designers and homeowners include gray, blue, green, red, yellow, ivory and white for both walls and accent walls. However, it is important to know how to use color if they really want to brighten up this space. Yellow is considered to be energizing, as well as eye-catching and will be a great color for walls, the insides of cabinets or the backsplash. Red is thought to stimulate appetite, green is soothing and blues and whites paired together can create a beachy feel. It is important to consider the environment that is wanted when selecting colors for the kitchen.

Type of Paint to Use

When selecting paint for the kitchen, it is important to select an option that is able to withstand large amounts of moisture and frequent cleanings. For this purpose, a person should consider using water or an oil based paint, which are now offered in a large array of colors, and sheen types. Professional Home Painters in Gig Harbor WA can help with this, too.

Generally speaking, a latex paint that is high quality and will work best for the kitchen trim, ceilings and walls. They are much easier to work with, will dry quickly and provide a minimal amount of odor.

When considering remodeling the kitchen, working with experienced and knowledgeable contractors, be beneficial. This will ensure that a homeowner loves the color that is selected and that the right type of paint is used. Learn more about choosing the right colors for a kitchen by consulting with the professionals from Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc.

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