Frequently Asked Questions About Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin hair treatments are one of the most popular forms of treatment that one can receive at a salon. Since the health of hair is very precious to most people, they often have questions about the treatment before going in. Here are some of the most popular questions that are asked and their respective answers.

Q. Are these treatments appropriate for any kind of hair?

A. Yes! As long as the hair is healthy enough to have a salon treatment service performed on it, it is fine to receive keratin Hair treatments.

Q. Are keratin treatments considered relaxers?

A. No. Salon treatments that are considered relaxers have a very high PH. Keratin treatments have a very low PH, therefore they do not affect the disulfide bonds that naturally occur in hair.

Q. Can hair undergo coloring after receiving keratin Hair treatments?

A. This actually depends on which type of treatment is received. If the treatments are “soft”, such as the regular Soft Treatment or Soft Chocolate Treatment, then coloring can be done immediately after. However, any other treatments require a two to three week waiting period before coloring the hair.

Q. Can the hair be washed after receiving a keratin treatment?

A. Again, this depends on the type of treatment that is performed. Here is a list of the treatments and their respective waiting periods.

  • Original Treatment- Wash after a 4 day waiting period
  • Chocolate- Wash after a 3 day waiting period
  • Advanced- Hair can be rinsed the same day as treatment, can be shampooed after 1 day
  • Soft and Soft Chocolate Treatment-; hair can be washed the same day as treatment

Q. How long do keratin treatments last?

A. This, of course, depends on which specific treatment is chosen and the maintenance habits while the client is at home.

Q. How frequently can the treatments be repeated?

A. Keratin treatments are completely safe on the hair and can be repeated as often as the client desires.

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