Grimm & Grimm Offers Real Estate Law Around the Tricky Practice of Closing a Financed Deal

Real estate law is a bit convoluted, but it is a necessary obstacle in making Real Estate Purchases In Auburn. Amidst the many potential problems that could occur, delays in the transaction are common. Loan documents, in particular, get delayed and help up, and that can hold the entire arrangement back. At transaction, paperwork can get readily lost. It can also get delayed. The most common culprit is the financing loan documentation.

The Situation

The financiers usually provide what is referred to as a loan package. It details all the basic and obvious information, but it also includes the right of ownership over the finances by the buyer. It may also include stipulations that need to be addressed, such as the condition of the home. These are matters discussed between the financier and the borrower, but the financing may demand it be reiterated in the package.

Lost Loan Documentation

The package never arrives, and the trouble begins to mount. The closing agent and seller’s agent are ready to go, but the financing is not supplied. That alone could potentially make the transaction fall apart because it shows a lack of organization and confidence in the financing.

The seller wants to know where their money is and when they are going to receive it. On the other hand, the financiers want to make sure what they are indirectly purchasing is viable. The financiers are hesitant to deliver the proper paperwork, and the buyers and title agency is naturally hesitant to do much of anything until it is settled. This causes a natural bottle-neck. One strategy to avoid this problem is to reach out to the closing agent and bring them close. Loan documents are not the only needed paperwork often delayed.

There is a single common theme in this problem. It could have been largely avoided with the proper representation. Buyers that go in on a deal all alone open themselves up to a few of the above obstacles. Visit the website of Grimm & Grimm for more on managing a real estate transaction. Grimm & Grimm has serviced the Auburn area with a steadfast dedication to multiple law disciplines.

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