Advantages Offered by Slate Roofs in Wauwatosa WI

For homeowners searching for a ‘lifetime’ roofing system that offers superior durability and aesthetic appeal, they should consider investing in Slate Roofs in Wauwatosa WI. For several centuries, slate has been used due to its impressive longevity and natural beauty. It is unmatched by any other material that is used for modern roofing. When a person invests in a slate roof, they have to make a significant financial commitment; however, the advantages it offers are well worth this investment.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most appealing features of slate is its natural look and beauty. Slate can work to enhance the look for virtually any style of architecture and is available in a number of textures and colors. Some of the color options of slate include red, purple, black, gray, green and tiles that offer a mixture of these colors. Additionally, the slate shingles are made by hand to meet stringent requirements and can be customized to any size or thickness needed.

Extended Longevity

In terms of longevity, there are very few roofing materials that are able to compete with what slate has to offer. Slate roofing can last for more than 100 years, which is twice as much what other common roofing materials offer. There are some manufacturers that also offer up to a 100-year warranty on these roofing systems. The longevity of a slate is extremely appealing for many homeowners.

Low Maintenance and Durability

Since it is a natural stone, slate is much more durable than any other man-made option. The high density offered by slate makes it a waterproof option, which means that it won’t absorb any water. Slate is also non-combustible and will help to protect the home if a fire were to occur.

Slate is also resistant to wind, snow and rain and will not develop mold or fungus. This means that maintenance on the surface is virtually non-existent. offers more information about what to look for in terms of roofing materials and why slate is a smart option. Take some time to become informed about the various options that are available to make the best decision. Being informed will help ensure that the right roofing option is purchased.

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