Global Payment Gateway for the Convenience of International Customers

Are you interested in expanding your online business or company’s reach by making your products and services available to customers worldwide? If so, a global payment gateway offers fast and reliable credit card authorization and processing for customers residing in a number of countries. Whether a customer is purchasing from China, France, South Korea, or Japan, they’ll enjoy speedy and secure service. You’ll also benefit from the numerous fraud, identity theft, and chargeback protection and prevention features. Low risk and high risk businesses alike utilize offshore payment processing, as it opens up innumerable channels for prospective customers to place orders and contribute to companies’ success.

Increase Sales & Profits
Choosing a global payment gateway company is an excellent choice if you’re looking to make your products and services available to customers in nearly two-hundred countries worldwide. Comprehensive payment gateway providers that authorize payments globally offer multi-currency and offshore processing services, which gives businesses a boost regardless of the industry they operate in. Multi-currency and offshore processing gives business owners the opportunity to expand their reach. Through global payment gateways, owners can accept a wide variety of payment options, such as Visa, Sofort, Maestro, Cartes Bancaires, China UnionPay, Giropay, and more. By making your products and services available to potential customers around the globe, you’re more likely to encourage a greater volume of sales and garner more substantial profits.

Uncompromised Protection
Multi-currency and offshore processing services come equipped with fraud and identity protection, which also encourages a broader customer base. Generally, if customers enjoy the quality of your products and services and your online website offers secure and speedy order processing, they’re more likely to return. Payment gateway providers uphold regulatory codes held in place by the PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This ensures their customers are protected, as well as the consumers who purchase from their clients’ online stores and businesses. Online fraud and identity theft are concerns for online store owners and customers, especially as the number of online shoppers is only continuing to rise. The need for high risk and offshore payment processing companies is also increasing, as many high risk businesses are expanding their customer base from national to international.

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