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Getting the best treatment for your child’s ear infection

As your child’s ear develops, it is prone to getting infected. Any parent will tell you that their child has had an ear infection at one point in time. This is a common occurrence during childhood that often requires a visit to the pediatrician. However some infections are more severe than others and merit a visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Parents shouldn’t be alarmed but taking the necessary precautions can aid in the prevention of long term damage to the ear drum. Timely intervention is instrumental in ensuring the best health for your child’s ear.

How does an ear infection happen?

An ear infection is also referred to clinically as otitis media. It develops when bacteria enters the middle ear and causes it to become infected. When a medical professional looks inside the ear, they may see it red and swollen and liquid retention may also be present. If the infection is very developed, the ear may begin to leak. There are many different reasons why an ear infection occurs but the usual culprit is a cold, allergies, or other illness where bacteria travels throughout the body and thrives in the middle ear. The eustachian tubes become blocked which perpetuates the infection even further.

The importance of timely intervention

To prevent serious complications, it is important to have an ear infection treated as quickly as possible. The usual treatments involve antibiotics. Pain prescriptions for the pain are also provided by the doctor and a heating pad is usually recommended to be applied over the ear. Sometimes more than one antibiotic may be needed in order to get the infection to go away. This is in the case where the infection may not be responding to the first antibacterial medicine.

Although ear infections typically develop in younger children and end around the time they are three years old, they can occur in older children and adults as well. It is important to get treatment at the first sign of illness to prevent serious complications from developing. Damage to the middle ear can affect the ability to hear if the infection is not treated in a timely manner. To prevent this situation, see a medical professional immediately at the first sign of an ear infection so it can be treated appropriately.

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