The Rising Popularity of Enterprises Such as the Vapor Store in Tacoma WA

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Tobacco Shops

What is slender, can be held between the fingertips and releases what looks like smoke into the atmosphere, but will not harm you? If your answer is still “a cigarette,” you are not all wrong. Except, this cigarette, although it has the name e-cigarette, is really not a cigarette at all. It is actually a device called a vaporizer. Like a cigarette, the user still gets the effects of nicotine. Unlike a cigarette, harmful tobacco smoke is not inhaled nor exhaled, but a flavorful vapor instead. A Vapor Store in Tacoma WA sells these popular alternatives to cigarettes, along with its accessories.

While health care organizations are still debating the issues on these cigarette look-a-likes, vapor shops such as a vapor store in Tacoma WA are popping up all over the place. In fact, in 2013, around 3,000 of these shops opened up around the U.S.A., some after having enjoyed success as an online store at first. The popularity of such shops is found in those users who are trying to find ways to combat traditional smoking. They want to quit, so vaporizers offer a smoke-free way to do so. E-cigarettes advocates beam proudly that at least they are not harming anyone else with second hand smoke.

It has been suggested that by the next decade, vapor stores will win over today’s current traditional cigarette smokers. Ironically, the health care focus will be part of the reason this is so. E-cigarettes are without question much safer than traditional cigarettes. Not even the staunchest opponent of the vaporizer can discount that. No one can stop the big wheels from debating the issue. Meanwhile, vapor stores will continue to win over more people in search of smoking alternatives, raking in the profits.

The Vaporium, known as the “Brick and Mortar Web Store,” is part of the advocating vapor stores dedicated to providing smoking alternatives. The store has a mission to not just sell e-cigarettes and accessories to users, but to actually help the traditional smokers make that transition from tobacco to vapor. The store has been in operation for five years; and owes its success to the many e-juice flavors offered to users. You can browse the online store to see what are all of these flavors and other accessories at



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