Garage Floors – Which One is Right for Me?

These days, you can take a look at a slew of flooring options for your garage. Whether you want something more durable or resistant to chemical spills, or just want an excellent brand of floor coating, you’ve got a ton to pick from, so choice isn’t an issue.

2 Types of Garage Floor
There are two types of garage floors in general: coatings and coverings. Family Handyman suggests using a covering for pockmarked floors since it works better for hiding all those unsightly floor scratches. However, if you’ve got scratch-free garage floors, then you can go for either a covering or coating. If you want something shiny, pick a coating. Since it tends to highlight everything—marks and all—you’ll need to get your floor in shape before you apply a coating if you want the best results.

Why a Coating?
Wondering why you need to apply a coating on your garage floor? Well, coatings do more than just make your floor shine. You also get to enjoy a number of advantages, some of which include protection from stains or corrosive chemicals. You also keep moisture from seeping into your floors so they last longer. Coatings include stains and sealers along with epoxy paint.

Going DIY or Pro
If you want to save up on costs, you can certainly apply the coating yourself. However, hiring pros does have its own perks: mainly, that you get to call an expert, leave and come back to find your garage floor already done. Less stress and hassle for you that way, especially if you haven’t got the time or talent to DIY it.

The sight of spotless, shiny floors is visually appealing to make every garage floor owner going for that look. If this is the flooring coat you want to go for, though, make sure you do plenty of prep work first. You need to get that out of the way before you can start. Use a pressure washer to eliminate solvents as well as degreasers or any other previous coatings from the stone. Don’t leave cracks or holes without repairing them. You need to make the surface smooth and clean or you’d be wasting your time with a coating or giving your garage floors a very bad one if you don’t fix your floor up. By knowing these things, you’ll find it easier to pick a coating that works exceptionally well for you.

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